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Behind The Scenes: Meet Gina Fortino

Gina Fortino, of Northern Charm Arts, is part of the Serendipity Where Art Finds You space. This group is made up of about 20 creators and everything there must be 100% created by the artist. She joined a year ago after learning about The Bazaar on social media.

Gina sells handmade Suncatchers and Wind Chimes. Recently, she has started teaching classes here. Everyone who has taken one of her classes has totally enjoyed it and left with a masterpiece!

"My inspiration is the beautiful city of Sarasota and the Gulf Coast. The beaches, palm trees, and all of the fantastic people who live and travel here are my favorite part!"

Originally from Central New York, Gina moved here a year ago on a whim to become an artist full-time. She claimes she is never going to leave and that makes us so happy!

Prior to The Bazaar, Gina was in sales and marketing, as well as running a kids' theater company. Creating art is her favorite thing to do in the whole world. And of course, she is also a huge beach bum and you can find her on the beach reading, relaxing, and enjoying the sun whenever she can.

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