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Behind The Scenes: Meet Alexis of Terra Amazonia

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Alexis of Terra Amazonia has been with The Bazaar the day after we hit our one-year anniversary. Her space features exceptional Brazilian Jewelry and Handcrafts. In her free time, she loves music and is currently taking guitar lessons at Music Compound.

Alexis first heard about The Bazaar through a friend who was having her car repaired on the next block. She discovered it and insisted Alexis check it out! Prior to being a member of The Bazaar family, she ran a store in France for ten years.

“I love anything artistic,” said Alexis. “When we lived in Brazil I was blown away by the creativity of the artisans. Everything was made from other materials, especially natural ones.”

Born in northern Indiana, she moved to Chicago where she worked at several ‘odd’ jobs, including two medieval dinner theatres for ten years. Alexis met her husband in Chicago, who is French, and ended up in France for ten years. Then he was transferred to Brazil, and back to France. They adopted their son in Brazil and for him to have American nationality he needed to live with me in the states. Hence the move to Florida. She did not want to go back to winter in the north! All of the nature and water remind Alexis of Brazil and the Amazon.

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