BSN - Episode 1, March 18, 2020

Learning new tricks here and, yes, our first attempt was sideways and backwards.

We will fix that!

For more info email or reach out directly to:

Moss Art from PlantCraft Designs:

Change it Up: Linda email: or call 941-999-0446

(Thanks Granola & Grace for photo!)

La Rose Organic Deodorant & Face Scrub: or call Deanna at 941-201-8416

Colorstreet Nails from Yolande:

Acrylic pour kits from A Change of HeArt: Valerie 941-320-8632

Notecards from Gypsy Gardner:

CBD from SRQ Botanicals:

Cool art from Caricatures & Quotes:

Mermaids: call 941-962-5756 or email

Watch Episode 1 Here

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