Lovely cascading coconut piece necklace.

Very light and easy to wear.

Coconut pieces are strung on waxed cotton string.

There is no metal in the necklace making it hypo-allergenic

Necklace length is approximately 16 inches.


A perfect example of Brazilian creativity and ecology! In the beautiful coastal village of Porto das Galinhas over 500 coconuts are used every day. What to do with all that trash? Recycle of course! The Projeto Palmerial Arte Sustentavel collects the coconuts. They are then cleaned, opened, and the inside shell is taken out. Once the shell is dried out, circles are cut, and the rest of the shell is broken into pieces. The pieces are then sanded and dyed. The dyed pieces are then strung into various designs of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. The result is beautiful jewelry that combines ecology, sustainability, and fair trade all into one!

Coconut Necklace, Red


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